10 Best Tips to Make a Perfect Date using Smart Phone

Going on your First Date Check it out What Tips you Needed for making a Date into a Perfectly Planned and Most of All, the Best Day of your Partners Life which may bring a new horizon in your relationship
Perfect First Time Date with your Girl

Every buddy in the World need a partner because we are a living  in the social environment where we needed a person who can look us and Care about us. 

In our Childhood our Parents provide us the same care and affection , which help us grow better in our social life as well as our personal grooming. But when we became independent our parents may provide us the less attention and caring as we are getting from them in our Childhood.

Never Matter , Always Like your Parents like as they love you and care about you in your upbringing. Help them in there Old Age !!!
Now when we are become independent then we are looking for Care and Love from a opposite Gender person from our Age Group. Today I am Helping you out to Make a Perfect Date for your Dear One and Make her remember you Always as its your First Date.

You're trying to make a good impression on someone either you are Boy or Girl Please Check out my Tips to Make your Date Awesome.

Tips of  a Boy :

Guru Mantra: Plan Your Date: Most times We are going on a Date without Planning and then some circumstances may lead us and sometime our Date goes Well but some times all mashes up and become a Baddest Date of Our Life. So my First Advice was to Plan a Date Before making it Happens.

For These you can use your Smart Phone for Planning your Task with the Help of Task Manager like Any.do which help you in making a plan worked perfect.you can download mobile version from Google play-store or App-Store 

Tip 1)Make a Remainder Call: First of All you have to make a Remainder Call to your Better Half in such a manner that He/She will aware that you are very serious about your Date Plan and you are care about it.
For these Your Own Smart Phone will Become your Best Tool just Pick your Smart phone and make a Call and Tell her about your Plan in a Soft and Nice Manner and Force her that you are visiting her in a Time frame (which you can Manage) . It is the most Important part because these is the First impression which your partner never Forget.

Use Google Maps Application on your Smart Phone to Visit his place with least difficulties.

  Tips 2)Show you Care her:As you like your partner care you , you have to Show and Care her like She is the only one in the world for you and you will always care her like a Life partner.
 For these you can Open the Door of your Car , Offer Sitting Space before you and Also Asking about her Likes and Dislikes in your Planned Date. Always ask her about her comfort zone

Tip 3)Respect her: As a Girl , your partner need respect from your side so never show any sign of disrespect and eagerness or attitude in your First date because it may become your last one

Tip 4)Visit to Nearest Famous Touring spot : Take her to the place where social gathering held i.e. any near by Park or any monument where she feel comfortable and relaxed. Since For the First Date every Girl look for Safe and Secure Place. But If she Insist take them to her place or Your Place.

For these you can Find a Great Place from Google.com/Places.

Tip 5) Give her a Gift: Whenever you Goes to meet her Take a gift for here it may be Flower, Books,Cent,Watch or any Thing which you like or your Pocket allows , Never Visit her with Empty Hands.These will Show here that how much you care and love her.

For These you can use your Smart Phone and Search Gift Article from Amazon.com,Ebay.com

Tip 6)Take her to a Long Drive/Mall: These Drive May become your Dream Drive to Take her to Some Exciting Locations or Offer her to visit her favorite Place. Again Visit places you know well and safe for her.

Tip 7)Offer her a Well Planned Dinner: When you have planned your Date you have to plan a Dinner in your Task list. For your First Date Make a Candle Light Dinner Arrangement with a soft music in the Background and a Shampan  will make a great atmosphere .  
For Light and Candles you can visit Amazon.com 
For Music Visit Azlyrics.com

Tip 8) View a Movie or Theater Together : Together you can View a Movie or Visit amusement park   or Theater where a Soft and Clean Play is running (Some girls don't like Action , Some Adult scenes).  

You Can Search Movies near you from you Smart Phone Voice Search Option.

Tip 9)Drop her : When your Days end you should have to Drop here safe at her place and if she allow then kiss here for the first time because these is the perfect place and time to show her that you love her . If  she Resist don't Force her. 

Tip 10)Thank her : When you reach home take the last but not the least step by  Thanking her for making your Day Perfect. you can Choose your Smart phone to Call her or Text her or Even Whatsapp or Facebook Her. 

Tips of  a Girl :

Whenever you Go to on your First Date Make Sure that you have informed you Dear once about your day plan which help you in tracking you out in case of any emergency. 

Tip 1) Check the Boy background : When you have planned first date with some one please make a proper check about Boys past life and its intention about you. You can go through his Social profile on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and Find out about past girlfriend and you may inquire his friends and family member about his nature.

Use your Smart Phone for Searching Social Profile from Facebook,Twitter,Instagram apps.  

 Tip 2)Insist to Visit place you Know well: Visit to the place where you already visited , it will help you in concentrating on your Date .

You can Use Bookmarked Feature of Google Map App on your Smart Phone.

Tip 3)Install a SOS App: its a Mobile App used to instanced text or Call to the Per Feed Mobile Numbers. These will help you in emergency.

  Tip 4) Don't Take Too Much Alcohol  : Never Take Too Much Alcohol in your First Date Because you may loose your senses and your Date become worthless.

  Tip 5) Thanking Him:Thank your Partner For Every Think He Does for you.you can use your smart phone to wish him a GOOD NIGHT text. which shows your gratitude toward the efforts made by your Partner.

 Aweasome Date Tips 

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Please Share your Awesome Ideas for your First date and i will insure  you i will Reply you !!

Have  a Good "DATE" Day !!


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